Competition for a sustainable university

In the winter semester of 2022/23, students had the opportunity to submit their project ideas for a sustainable campus and win up to 750 euros.

What the competition was about

Change always starts with an idea - also when it comes to making the HWR Berlin more sustainable at its two locations: by students for students. Students in teams of up to five participants were able to participate in the competition. The submitted concepts were expected to include an innovative idea for a more sustainable campus as well as an implementation plan. For this purpose, collaboration with staff, professors, and researchers was encouraged during the concept development process.
A jury made up of members of the Sustainability Council selected the best three concepts. Surprisingly, two concepts came in first place, and their implementation will be examined and further promoted by the university.

The best concepts

1st place: "Open Workshop for Students of the HWR" by Luise Westphal and Constantin Wuntke"

The developed framework programme "Open Workshop" offers students the opportunity to learn new skills and to become active in planning and design. The laboratories and workshops at the Lichtenberg campus would serve as spaces for these workshops, where students can collaborate in creative or repair-oriented activities. Projects and workshops could be offered within the framework programme.
Luise Westphal and Constantin Wuntke donated their prize money of 475 euros to KarEn e.V., whose projects expand renewable energies in Cuba.

1st place: "Harvest With Responsibility" by Richard Löbel and Gregor Tim Kilpatrick.

The concept proposes the creation of a micro-farming hub that would provide fresh food for the HWR's dining halls and cafés, with a small bee farm that would enrich the surrounding plant life and whose produce could cover running costs. The micro-hub would be housed in an old shipping container on the Lichtenberg campus and would be powered by its own photovoltaics. It could also be used for educational purposes.
The team received prize money of 475 euros.

2nd place: "Helping Hands" by Julia Schiller, Nele Damerow and Jara Thiele.

Helping Hands is an online platform that promotes networking among HWR students. On the platform, students can exchange information and support each other on the following topics: Marketplace (bulletin board + exchange platform), Second Hand (books, electronics etc.), Study Notes, Services (offer, search, exchange..., e.g. tutoring). The platform is intended to be integrated into the HWR Berlin's online portal, Moodle.
The team won a gift basket worth 50 euros.