Companies hosting internships

A practical semester of 5-6 months forms an integral part of the curriculum in the majority of programmes at the Department of Business and Economics. The obligatory practical semester in the 2nd phase of study offers potential and benefits for both companies and students. Special work areas and project-related work can also make up the content of internships, as well as the option of experiencing a variety of different departments. Sometimes internships lead to continued cooperation between students and companies, for example, in connection with a final dissertation or even employment. Here are some tips on the most important conditions relating to the internship.

Information and tips

Duration of the internship
Bachelor’s and master’s: at least 5 months to a maximum of 6 months (Bachelor of Business Engineering Environment and Sustainability: 10 -18 weeks) 

Start of internship
The usual start for the winter semester is mid-July to October at the earliest, however no later than November, and for the summer semester no earlier than mid-February to April. Exceptions are possible depending on individual study progression.

Publication of internship offers
Students are notified of internship offers sent by email either by posting on the noticeboard and via our online website. In very urgent matters (e.g. short-term internships), offers are also forwarded directly to the students.

Summary of degree programmes with mandatory internships (FB 1)