HWR Berlin: Contacts from A to Z

Whether professor, guest lecturer, lecturer or staff member − are you looking for the contact details of a specific person at HWR Berlin? In this alphabetical overview you will quickly find what you are looking for.



Surname, Title Name
Professor of Global and Regional Governance
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1163
E jose.magone@hwr-berlin.de
Lecturer in Economics, Macroeconomics
E e_mahnkopf@doz.hwr-berlin.de
Schöneberg Campus
E oekonom@hwr-berlin.de
Bachelor’s degree programmes Departments 3-5
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2561
E verena.maier@hwr-berlin.de
Coordination Course Planning and Lecturer Advisory Service
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30-30877-1355
E antje.marggraff@hwr-berlin.de
Advice for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2678
E laura.masuch@hwr-berlin.de
Study Office
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2814
E carolin.meiser@hwr-berlin.de
Professor for Economics
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2250
E antje.mertens@hwr-berlin.de
Professorship of Monetary Economics
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1122
E martina.metzger@hwr-berlin.de
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1547
E christoph.meyer@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Business Law, particularly Company Law and International Contract Law
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1002
E susanne.meyer@hwr-berlin.de
Senior Researcher
Schöneberg Campus
E juergen.meyerhoff@hwr-berlin.de
Schöneberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-1479
E grafik@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Computer Science
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30-30877-2120
E dagmar.monett-diaz@hwr-berlin.de
Student Office
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1373
Committees, student assistants
Lichtenberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-2812
E luzie.mueller@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Information Systems
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1387
E roland.mueller@hwr-berlin.de
Professor of Information Systems
Schöneberg Campus
Schöneberg Campus
T +49 30 30877-1227
E sven.mueller@hwr-berlin.de
Schöneberg Campus
T +49-30-30877-1335
E jacqueline.mueller-haberkorn@hwr-berlin.de