Kursprogramm WS 2017/18

Academic Writing in English

(for intermediate to advanced speakers of English)

Aims and Objectives
This course aims to support study of creative, academic and professional writing.  Students will be encouraged to write in a variety of contexts and to the end of research, communication, the disciplines, and discipline.  Lessons will include the the fundamentals, including note-taking, outlining, summarizing, and paper writing as well as listening, reading, and speaking.  We will examine how disciplines have organized their issues, questions, methods, and literatures and how they expect you to address them and in their terms.  The objective is to support your writing, to move you as many steps as there are weeks towards your goal.   

Developing research questions, library and web search, finding and reviewing sources, collecting and analyzing data, draft and revision, formatting and feedback.
Developing disciplinary knowledge, analysis of relevant examples for argument and rhetoric, mapping disciplinary sources and conversations.
Developing a web- and pc-based workflow, writing and soliciting feedback on the web, creating portfolios and print documents, working with illustrations and design.

Class Design  
During the first half of each class we will discuss how to adapt the resources below to our writing.  During the second half we will review each student’s written work on topics of their choice.  Students should plan on a minimum of 90 minutes of research and writing each week: practice makes perfect.

Academic writing is complicated and requires sophisticated methods and efforts to acquire, but as you will soon learn in this class, it can be greatly rewarding and fun, not least because it often leads to revelation, competence, power, security in knowing you are following the right path, and an honest sense of achievement.

Wayne Booth, The Craft of Writing


Lecturer: Bruce Spear

2 SWS /ECTS  1