Kursprogramm WS 2017/18

Current Issues in Global Capitalism

(Language: English)


This course attempts to deal with the key transformations within contemporary capitalism with a particular focus on the U.S, Europe and the emerging market economies. During the semester, main concepts and the postwar transformation in capitalism, and the neoliberal transformations of the last quarter of the 20th century, and finally 2008 global financial crisis will be discussed. The course will also elaborate on the different policy responses around the world, and recent developments in global capitalism in the aftermath of the financial crisis.


Target groups

All students, who are interested in and want to deepen their understanding on the current issues in global capitalism are invited to participate. 



The basic characteristics and concepts of modern capitalism, main dynamics of “golden age” of capitalism, the neoliberal turn, the process of financialization, 2008 crisis and policy responses will be among the subjects of this course.


Teaching methods

The course will be delivered weekly. The lectures aim to provide a basic framework, which will be supported by presentations of the students and in-class discussions. Students are expected to write short reader’s responses and work on a final project.


Lecturer: Umit Akcay

2 SWS /ECTS  1 – (2.5 bei Zusatzleistung)